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Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2022


We are pleased to announce awards won by our very own students at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2022: 

SSEF 2022 Gold Award: Turning the TCA Cycle Backwards to Repair Damaged DNA
- Anselmo Klement Chua S4-Badminton
- Branden Zhao Kang Jun S4-Scouts

SSEF 2022 Gold Award: he Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 targets the human PRL oncogene
- Chevy Lim Wei Jun S4-Guzheng
- Balasubramanian Tharoon S4-NPCC

We dedicate our work to our families, all staff and Clementeens. We hope that this will inspire you to persevere during this trying time. 

The Science-in-Action (SiA) students would like to thank their: 

a/ Research Mentor
b/ Teacher Mentors
c/ Seniors, especially our senior lab alumni - Ms Joyce Yip
d/ our School Leaders, HOD, all Teachers, CCAPs and Lab Techs 
e/ our Families - who supported us and gave us the strength and encouragement to find the courage to persevere throughout our journey
f/ our school's ICT Team
g/ External Mentors - Ms Sylvia Law and Ms Anni Wang 

We are grateful and humbled by your support. We will continue to work hard! 

Team SiA would love to thank all those who supported us throughout our journey! We appreciate your effort and are grateful for all the guidance and support we have received from all of you.