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Aesthetics Department

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To develop in every Clementeen the passion in the arts and culture.

Key Programmes

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

The seven Performing Arts groups (Band, Choir, Chinese Dance, Malay Dance, Indian Dance, Guzheng, Drama Club) all gave stellar performances during the Arts Presentation.

CCA Group

Certificate of

Symphonic Band




Chinese Dance


Malay Dance


Indian Dance


Guzheng Ensemble


Drama Club – Last Freedom


Drama Club – Ride


Assembly Programmes and Post-Exam Activities

Through assembly programmes and post-exam activities, students can get exposure to a wide variety of art forms – in visual arts, music, dance and theatre. Students also get a chance to participate in these art forms and learn from practitioners.

In the past 2 years, the school had the honour of having renowned local arts groups put up programmes for the school. One such group was singer-songwriter duo Jack and Rai who coincidentally put up their NAC-endorsed programme for the first time in our school. Another group that came was the Brass Quintet from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Students also had a hand at playing a home-made brass instrument!

In 2017, the Secondary One students made a visit to Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay during the year-end Post-Exam Activities. They saw the various performance and visual arts spaces and learnt how each space was optimally designed and built.


STARs @ The CanTEEN is a platform for students and staff to Showcase their Talents in the ARts at the CanTEEN. Over the past 2 years, students have used this platform to showcase their talents in singing and instrument playing.



To enable every Clementeen to appreciate art and be equipped with good drawing skills.

Key Programmes

Students should be able to create artworks with their knowledge of the Elements of Art (Lines, Dots, Shapes, Space, Form, Texture). They will also explore themes such as self-identity through portraiture drawing, as well as uses of Art in everyday life through logo design.



· Develop awareness of and appreciation for music of various cultures and the role of music in daily living

· Develop ability for creative expression through music making

· Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music.

Key Programmes

Students are given opportunities to

- listen to various music genres,

- create simple compositions using classroom instruments as well as technology, and;

- perform their compositions in class.



Instrumental Skills

-          Keyboard

-          Cajon

Ensemble Playing

-          Soundscape

-          Rhythmic Ostinatos

-          Acoustic Band

Functions of Music

-          Music to Bond and Inspire

-          Jingles

Music cultures

-          Western Classical

-          Xinyao

Music Technology

-          Soundtrack creation

-          Music arrangement using GarageBand

To showcase the musical talents of students on a school-wide platform, the Music Unit also organised the singing contest “The Voice of CT”. It saw 16 contestants going through rounds of auditions to get through to the finals. The winners which emerged were a trio comprising Emily Ooi (3B1), Jezryne Tan (3D1) and Angelina Tan (3D1).