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Principal's Message

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At Clementi Town Secondary School, we believe that learning is a lifelong process, a journey that will make us wiser and stronger throughout our life. 

The school vision, “To be a vibrant community of learners, with the heart to value every individual and the spirit to serve and to excel” captures the vision where we see staff and students learning and growing together, always desiring to be better, as we grow. As a community, we also envision all to have the heart to value every individual, recognising the worth and value of every one and having the desire to contribute and serve others. 

Our school ASPIRE values (Adaptability, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Empathy) highlight the virtues we would like every Clementeen to grow in. They reflect the importance and value for our students to be resilient and adaptable in these changing times, while being anchored on strong values of integrity and respect. This ensures that we prepare them not just to thrive while in school, but also for the future. Our school mission, “To develop in every Clementeen the passion to learn, the confidence to lead, and the humility to serve” serves to give all staff the clarity of mission in nurturing all the young people under our care.

With the vision, mission and values that were shared by all the staff in the school, it has been useful and critical as we plan all our focus areas, programmes, activities and processes in the school. That encompasses learning experiences in and out of the classroom. We hope all students will stay curious and interested, always having the disposition to want to learn.
The past year has been a very fruitful and fulfilling year. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all the staff at Clementi Town Secondary School – for their commitment and care shown to their students and the dedication to their work. I am also grateful to members of our School Advisory Committee (SAC), our Parent Support Group (PSG), our alumni and partners-in-education for their cheerful and unwavering support and contribution. 

Going forward, as we embark on this journey of preparing future-ready Clementeens, I would like to wish all Clementeens well as they grow and learn in the school.  I am confident that they have much to learn and contribute and I wish each Clementeen a meaningful journey ahead. 

Last but not least, to all Clementeens, may you continue to always be guided by sound values as you equip yourselves with the necessary knowledge and skills.  May you always have the drive to keep learning as you aspire and grow.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs Helen Tan-Lee