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Direct School Admission to Clementi Town Secondary School: Computing to Discover and Empower (CODE)

Clementi Town Secondary School offers its ALP programme under the STEM strand and is focused on developing computational thinking through coding. At Clementi Town Secondary School (CTSS), we believe in the holistic development of our students and the school is committed to providing a conducive environment to develop them intellectually, physically, socially, morally and aesthetically. We believe in the uniqueness of each child, and we aim to develop his / her talents and nurture every Clementeen to become an upright person who desires to learn and achieve excellence.

CODE provides students at Clementi Town Secondary School with numerous opportunities to participate and excel in various STEM-related activities and competitions such as the Swift Accelerator Programme, the National Olympiad for Informatics, the National Robotics Competition, as well as Learning Journeys to STEM-related organisations such as Microsoft, Google and Anglo American.

In this Direct School Admission Exercise via the ALP, we are looking for promising Primary 6 pupils who exhibit the following: 

  • Very Good Conduct 
  • Demonstrate special talents in Robotics or Computing (e.g. robot design and programming, app coding, micro-controller programming)  
  • Represented school and achieved accolades in Robotics/Computing-related competitions (e.g. National Junior Robotics Competition)
  • Preferred to have held leadership position(s) in Robotics/Computing-related clubs or societies (e.g. Robotics Club, Infocomm Club)
  • Have some background in coding (applicants may wish to submit and showcase a portfolio of the programmes which they have created)

Successful applicants will join CTSS in January 2021 and will be allocated the Multimedia Services Club as their core CCA. Students will be assessed on both their demonstrated and potential ability and qualities, via an interview conducted through video conferencing, so as to ensure that they can benefit from the rigorous curriculum offered at CTSS.