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Chinese (Special Programme)

About Chinese (Special Programme)

The Chinese (Special Programme) is a four-year course beginning in Secondary One and leading to the GCE O-level examination at the end of Secondary Four*. It is a Chinese language programme for students whose Mother Tongue Language is not Chinese.

C(SP) is offered to provide opportunity for more students to learn a third language and is part of MOE's effort to offer more options in the education system to cater to the differing interests and abilities of our students. It will also help to nurture a group of Singaporeans who can better understand the values, culture and worldview of another community in Singapore. Besides acquiring the linguistic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, students will learn to appreciate the culture and values embedded in the Chinese Language.

The teaching method will be varied and activity-based. Besides studying the textbooks, students will have ample opportunity to engage in language activities such as listening to and telling stories, holding conversations and discussing topics of interest to students, reporting of news and role playing. Students will also have opportunities to participate in cultural activities which include appreciation of Chinese painting, calligraphy, Chinese music etc. ICT will be used as a tool to make the teaching lively and to help students in self-learning.

*The programme cannot be offered as a replacement for a MTL subject.

Bonus Points for Admission

  • Students who passed C(SP) at ‘O’ level would be given two bonus points for admission into Junior College (JC) and Millennia Institute (MI).
  • The C(SP) grade could be used in lieu of a Humanities subject in the L1R5 aggregate score (L1R5) for admission into JC or MI.

*With effect from Jan 2012, students who have prior knowledge in the language (e.g. had acquired a PSLE-equivalent proficiency)/ MTL-exempted and show an interest to offer C(SP) are required to obtain approval from CPDD through their schools. The ‘O’ level C(SP) grades of these groups of students cannot be used for L1R5 aggregate computation and they will not enjoy the incentives for purpose of JC admission (i.e. bonus points for JC admission and using CSP grade in lieu of Humanities). In addition, while grades obtained from internal assessments may be documented on school result slips, they cannot be counted towards in-school progression.


Aims/Objectives of the C(SP)

At the end of the 4-year programme, students will be able to:

  • Be comfortably conversant in Chinese Language
  • Communicate clearly in various situations and different target audience, in both oral and written form
  • Understand and appreciate the Chinese culture and traditions


Admission & Application process to C(SP)

C(SP) is offered to Secondary 1 students who have attained a PSLE Score of 24 or better, as long as they have the interest and inclination, and had not offered Higher Chinese/Chinese as their MTL at the PSLE.

Applicants may apply for C(SP) online once they get their PSLE results. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies available at the C(SP) centers, the applicants will be selected based on their PSLE results.

Successful applicants will be informed of the results and registration matters of their applications by their secondary school of first posting. They must register online at the assigned C(SP) zonal centers websites to accept the offer during Sec One Registration by the deadline. If they missed the registration deadline, it would be considered as they have given up the offer of C(SP).

For students who are not offered C(SP), they can appeal by obtaining late application/appeal form through their posted school. The posted school will submit the form to CPDD. CPDD will inform the students' posted school of the outcome of the application.

But getting a place at zonal centers is not guaranteed as the places are subject to available vacancies.

*Please refer to the annual “Choosing your Secondary Schools for admission to Secondary 1” e-booklet to find out more details about Foreign Languages, Asian Languages and Special Programmes.

*For students who want to change their choices or quit after registration, they need to complete the withdrawal procedure by filling up the withdrawal form and submitting to their school.


Testing and evaluation

Students’ progress is monitored at regular intervals through non-weighted quizzes, three weighted assessments and an End-of-Year or Preliminary examination (for Secondary 4) each year.

Results will be reflected in the year-end progress report and can be taken into account for computation of overall performance.

Points to Note

  • Lessons are held once a week in the afternoon outside the school curriculum hours on Thursdays in Clementi Town Secondary School. Each weekly session lasts for 3 hours (3.15pm-6.15pm) and attendance is compulsory.
  • Textbooks may be purchased from the bookshop at Clementi Town Secondary School on the first day of lesson or prior to commencement of the first lesson.

*If there is a clash with the school timetable/other compulsory school programs/activities, and students wish to continue this course, they are advised to transfer to MOELC (Newton) which conducts Sec 1 classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm in 2022. Please approach your subject teacher to obtain the transfer form.

However, all class transfers will be subject to the availability of vacancies. Where there are no vacancies in the requested day/time slot(s), students will be put on a waiting list. While waiting for a place to be freed up, students are to make arrangements to attend the class initially assigned to them.


Contact Details

CSP coordinator: Ms Ma Ning / Mr Tan Teck Soon

DID: 6572 1140 / 65721133