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English and Literature

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To develop Clementeens to be proficient in the language arts, confident in using it and appreciate the language arts

Reading Programme

To instill the love of reading and inculcate good reading habits in our students, we have a structured and supervised time slot set aside for our Clementeens to immerse themselves in a good book of their choice. In our English curriculum, we introduce popular teenage fiction to our lower secondary levels, whereby students develop the discipline and rigour to complete readings of at least 2 books, and proceed to build general and current affairs knowledge in our upper secondary levels through the exposure to articles of non-fiction genres. Socratic questioning techniques are employed to encourage students to respond critically to their reading text, and at the end of the 4 to 5 years of school reading programme, our students will be well-exposed to a multitude of genres, and have a broadened mindset that will no doubt prepare them for their next phase of higher education.

As affirmation of the school’s signature reading programme, Clementi Town was conferred the inaugural Reading Excellence Award which was awarded jointly by the National Library Board and the Ministry of Education.  

In addition to encouraging students to read a wide genre during READ@ CTSS, our department also incorporates the READ framework in our English lessons. This reading technique developed in house, aims to hone students’ critical reading skills as they react, explore, analyse and discern the text. 

Literature Mosaic

Our Secondary 2 Literature curriculum aims to develop the love and appreciation of English literary arts in our students. The focus this year is on introducing students to Shakespearean texts – Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Merchant of Venice.  To get students to take ownership of their own learning, we allow our students to choose the text that they are interested in. 


Drama education helps develop self-confidence, public speaking skills and interpersonal skills in our students. As such, we have a drama-in-curriculum programme where our lower secondary Normal Technical students develop and perform their own interpretation of classic and well-known drama pieces such as Army Daze and Othello. Our students are introduced to the fundamental elements of drama, and learn to express themselves freely through language and motion. They will also understand the importance of teamwork as they form groups and produce their own drama pieces. At the end of this programme, students will have developed essential communication and interpersonal skills whilst learning creative writing and drama techniques.

Development programmes

Public Speaking Competition

In CTSS, we believe in providing ample avenues and opportunities for our students to participate in public speaking. Students with good oratorical skills are identified and trained to participate in competitions such as the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards. Through public speaking, our students develop the confidence to speak to a large group of audience, as well as hone various oral communication skills such as pronunciation, fluency and rhythm in their speech. In 2017, one of our students Royston Soh (4B1,2018) won the prestigious National Public Speaking Competition.