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To nurture Independent Learners with an Analytical mind for Problem Solving who appreciate the Relevance and Fun in Mathematics

Key Programmes

Secondary 1 Mathematics Enrichment

Secondary 1 students are involved in Mathematics Trails in this year’s Mathematics Enrichment day. The students use smart devices to go to different stations within the school compound and participate in interactive activities / quizzes through these smart devices to learn about financial literacy such as personal finance, financial terms and budgeting. These hands-on activities incorporate ICT to enable them to experience the real-life application of mathematics in everyday lives.

Secondary 3 Mathematics Enrichment

Secondary 3 students are engaged in an interactive Life Long Learning (L3) Board Game.  Through the game, students are provided a simulation of real-life situations so that they can learn to make education, career and financial decisions in a fun and risk-free setting. They will  also learn other important concepts such as Purchasing a house, Buying a car, Savings, Insurances, Stocks, CPF and Economic cycle.  Some key objectives of the Mathematics Enrichment include the importance of lifelong learning, Education & Career path and Financial Literacy.

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students

The Mathematics Department organises a national-level online Mathematics competition to stimulate greater interest and enrich students’ knowledge in Mathematics by providing an opportunity for Normal Course students to showcase their talent in Mathematical knowledge and skills through solving competition questions. The competition has been opened to all Normal Course students from all secondary schools in Singapore since 2009.  This year 68 secondary schools participated in the competition on 19 July 2018.  Our school team has emerged First in the Team Category for Upper Sec Normal (A) Category.

Talent Development Programme

Students with strong potential in Mathematics are identified early and exposed to higher forms of Mathematical training beyond the curriculum. They are provided with many opportunities to further stretch their abilities in national-level competitions such as Singapore Mathematics Olympiads and Singapore Mathematics Project Festivals.


The Singapore Mathematical Project Festival is a nationwide event organised annually by the Singapore Mathematical Society to encourage students to explore Mathematics beyond the classroom work. Selected students worked on a project aimed at carrying out and presenting innovative and creative work in Mathematics. Students then presented their findings in a report and an oral presentation. Our students have managed to achieve a Bronze award both this 2018 and in 2017.


Secondary 3 Principles Of Accounting Festival

This is an annual enrichment 3-hour activity organised since year 2014 to allow Secondary 3 POA students in Clementi Town Secondary School to hone their POA skills. The in-house CTSS POA Festival will give opportunities to the all Secondary 3 students to experience learning POA in a fun and unthreatening manner with their peers in the same school.

Through the CTSS POA Festival, students will learn that games provide challenging experiences that offer opportunities for authentic learning