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Mother Tongue Languages

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Through our curriculum and various enrichment programmes, we seek to develop each Clementeen to be a proficient and confident user of their own Mother Tongue Language and to develop students’ interest in their own Mother Tongue culture. We nurture Clementeens who are able to exhibit the distinctive values or beliefs of their own Mother Tongue Culture.

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

To enhance students' understanding and interest towards their own Mother Tongue culture through experiential learning, the Mother Tongue department organized the Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme for all students. A range of interesting MTL activities, such as Chinese paper cutting, opera mask painting, bean drawing, clay modelling, drama workshop, Indian Emboss Painting, were organized to expose students to their individual Mother Tongue culture. Learning journeys such as Sec 2 Tea appreciation session at Tea Chapter, Pongal Festival celebration at Little India and visits to Kampong Glam or Malay Heritage Centre, allowed students to have the opportunities to experience hands-on activities in a more culturally-enriched setting. 

Reading Programme (校园阅读计划)

In order to inculcate students' interest in reading and to enhance their various language skills through reading, the Mother Tongue department had adopted a structured reading programme for all students. Besides subscription to Chinese newspapers and compilation of our internal reading publication “Reading Is Fun” , there was also a variety of school-wide activities, such as book buzz, mass borrowing, reading passport and Golden Ticket Hunt, every Semester to promote reading. Interesting reading materials were selected for students every year during the World Book Month so as to widen their reading repertoire. 



Cultural Immersion Trip To Taiwan    

In Nov 2017, 36 students mainly from the Guzheng Ensemble and Chinese Dance group, together with 4 teachers, have embarked on a fruitful cultural immersion trip to Taiwan. Students had the opportunities to attend lessons and interact with the Taiwanese students from 2 local schools. They also attended Master Classes relevant to their own musical skills honed in their respective CCAs and experienced a rich exchange of culture through the putting up of performances. Through the programme, students were taught to appreciate the different cultures experienced in Taiwan and also to strengthen their rootedness to Singapore. Most importantly, through the immersion in a Chinese speaking environment, students understood the importance of honing a second language in the spirit of bilingualism.


Author-In-Residence Programme    

In collaboration with the Singapore Association of Writers, the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) launched the Author-in-Residence Programme in various schools. Our school embarked on this programme in 2018. 20 Higher Chinese students were selected to participate in this programme. A renowned local writer Mr Quek Yong Siew was invited to our school to promote a love and appreciation of literature among students. Through this programme, students also had the opportunities to attend Literary Forums and Young Writers Training.  


Hari Raya Celebration and Pongal Festival Celebration

In appreciation of their ethnic roots and in the spirit of embracing diversity, the Malay unit put up the annual Hari Raya concert during one of the assembly programmes in term 3. Students put up interesting programmes and performances to promote understanding of the Malay culture. The Tamil unit also organized learning journeys to Little India for all Tamil students during the Pongal Festival so as to deepen their understanding of their own culture.


Chinese Unit
West Zone Di Zi Gui Essay Writing Competition 2015 - 1st Prize
2017年 全国中小学现场华文故事创作比赛 - 低年级组最佳创作将 (朱思佳)

2017年德明政府中学第11届校际《劲爆剧场大比拼》- 最佳团队精


Malay Unit:

National Secondary School Malay Scrabbles Competition 2015 - 5th position

National Story Challenge 2017 - 2nd Prize

Tamil Unit:

National Poetry writing 2015 - 3rd Prize

National Quiz competition 2015- 3rd Prize

Story writing Competition & 3rd Prize

Book Debate Competition - 3rd Prize

ACS-I Inter School Competition 2016 : Dance - 5th Prize

                                                             : Poetry Writting - 4th Prize

                                                             : Singing - 2nd Prize

Tamil Amuthu - National Day Inter School Competition 2016 (August)
  • Tongue Twister - 1st Prize
  • Singing - 2nd Prize
  • Picture 1 word - 4th Prize
  • Quize - 4th Prize

W1W7 Cluster Drama Competition 2017: 1st Prize & Best Actor Award
Kallang CC Dance Competition 2017: 1st Prize
Kallang CC Singing Competition 2017: 2nd Prize