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Physical Education

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To nurture in every Clementeen, a love for healthy living.
The PE Programme hopes that every every Clementeen understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the role they play in maintaining their own health.


Physical Health & Fitness

In Clementi Town Secondary School, we believe that physical fitness is a core component in the formative years of a teenager. Every Clementeen undergoes a term long fitness and conditioning session aimed at increasing their knowledge of fitness and health, as well as improving the fitness levels of the students in preparation for their National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) Test.

Sports & Games

The PE programme ensures that every Clementeen will learn at least 6 games from each of the three game categories: Territorial and Invasion, Striking and Fielding as well as Net / Barrier games throughout their time with the school. The participation in team games not only allows the students to develop their psychomotor skills, but also life skills and values. Annual sports events, such as inter-class games also provide a platform for Clementeens to demonstrate the outcomes of their learning from the lessons taught, pit their skills against their peers, and to forge closer bonds with their classmates. 

The games and sports have been carefully selected to align with their physical growth and development.



Sec 1

Volleyball and Netball

Sec 2


Sec 3

Tchoukball and Badminton

Sec 4


Sec 5


CTX (CT Extravaganza)

CTX is an additional platform that exposes each Clementeen to sports and games that are currently popular but require resources not currently available in the school. The aim of the exposure is to provide Clementeens a broader choice of sports and games they can participate in as part of their healthy lifestyle.

RHD-Sports Carnival

In Clementi Town Secondary School, we deepen students’ sense of belonging to the school by increasing school spirit through sports and games. Through the sports carnival, inclusivity is encouraged by catering to all groups through the variety of games and activities. In addition, the RHD-Sports Carnival develops a sense of reality and hope among students through Racial Harmony Day activities which are in alignment with Sports Carnival. This helps students see how sports can be used to give back to the community, for team building and for National Education.

Sports Leaders Programme

Sports Leaders is part of the student leadership body group in CTSS that focuses on the development of leadership and organizational skills through Sports.

The aim of the Sports Leaders is two-fold. It serves to help students in Sports CCAs to develop:

  1. Both the interest and skills to serve the school community in a variety of areas including but not limited to sports and,
  2. Qualities of leadership and responsibility so as to demonstrate organizational ability and decision making skills by leading other pupils in sports and recreational activities.


The Sports Leaders student leadership group embodies the Singapore Sports Council’s Vision 2030, where sports is used as a strategy for Clementeens to have a healthier and better life through the impactful experience of Sport. This helps develop our students to become stronger and more resilient individuals who are anchored on CTSS’s core values (personal development), at the same time forging a strong identity with shared memories and strengthened friendships.


With 2 years of training and leadership development, the Sports Leaders accomplishes the following roles in the school: 

  1. Sporting ambassadors of the school
  2. Provide support to teachers for the development of a well-rounded environment for their respective Sport CCAs
  3. Leading and also provide support for the Physical Education department in the running of school activities and events.

School events that are manage and run by Sports Leaders:

       Inter-Class/Inter-House Games (Secondary 1 ~ 4/5)

       Health Week

       Sports Carnival in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day (2019)

       W1 Cluster Games