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Science and Applied Sciences Department

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Science and Applied Sciences Department

The Science and Applied Sciences Department comprises five units, namely Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design and Technology, and Nutrition and Food Studies units.


To nurture Clementeens as scientifically literate persons who are able to problem solve using scientific reasoning and thinking skills, communicate effectively and work collaboratively with other members of the global community, and harness technology for lifelong learning.


Think. Do. Love. Science

Key Programmes

Science in Action (SiA)

The SiA programme is a research mentorship programme which cultivates in our Sec 3 students the spirit of inquiry. Students selected for this programme will work on a year-long project under the mentorship of a teacher or an expert from the tertiary institutions (e.g. NUS).  The projects done by students under SiA are fielded at national and international platforms (e.g. East Zone Science Fair, SSEF).

International Biomedical Quiz

Our school participates in the biannual International Biomedical Quiz organized by Anglo Chinese Junior College in collaboration with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. The trainings and competition provided a platform for our upper secondary Biology students to develop their aptitude and potential in the biomedical disciplines through independent work and applying critical thinking to solve authentic medical challenges.

Innovation Programme (IvP)

The IvP is a special programme organised by the Gifted Education Branch of MOE to provide an unique opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving and inventive skills. Lower Secondary students in this programme are to conceptualise and develop innovative products under the guidance of a teacher-mentor and experts from the industries/academia.

Training for OlymPiads (TOP)

The TOP programme is a talent development programme for our Upper Secondary students to prepare them for the national-level competitions (e.g. Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad, Biomedical Olympiad).

Applied Sciences Subjects

Craft and Technology subjects are coursework-based applied sciences subjects, i.e. Design & Technology and Food and Consumer Education/Food & Nutrition. These subjects aim to prepare and develop students to be critical and inventive problem solvers improving the quality of living. Through these subjects, students acquire DESIGN THINKING SKILLS such planning, research and evaluation and decision making.

Student Achievements







Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 2018

Singapore Institute of Biology


1 Honorable Mention

Innovation Programme 2018

Gifted Education Branch (MOE)


1 Distinction

1 Merit

East Zone A Star Science Fair 2018

A*STAR, Victoria Junior College


1 Silver:

ASEAN Student Science Project Competition 2018

National Science Museum Thailand, Science Society of Thailand

Under the Patronage of His Majesty the King


1 Second Prize (Biological Sciences Category)

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2018

Singapore National Institute of Chemistry


3 Merits

2018 A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary)

A*Star Agency

2 recipients:

Heng Wern Li, Cloris

Joshua Tan


Singapore Science and Engineering Fair

Science Centre Singapore (SCS)


- 1 Gold

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad



- 3 Merit

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad



- 1 Silver

- 7 Bronze

- 6 Hon Mention

International Biomedical Challenge

Anglo Chinese JC


- 3 Gold

- 1 Silver

- 1 Bronze

- 1 Merit

- 1 Hon Mention

East Zone A Star Science Fair

A*STAR, Victoria Junior College


- 1 Gold

- 1 Silver

Innovation Programme (IvP)

Gifted Education Branch (MOE)


- Commendation Award

A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary)


1 recipient:

-  Darren Chan Shunjie (3C1)

UNSW ICAS Science Competition (Sec 1 Exp)



- 1 High Distinction

- 10 Distinction

- 35 Credit

- 17 Merit

Keat Hong CC WEC Sandwich & Salad Making Competition 2017

Keat Hong CC


3rd Position in Cat B

Staff Achievements

YearAwardOrganiserStaff Involved
2016Excellence Service Award (EXSA)
Mrs Tan Wen Yi
2016Excellence Service Award (EXSA)

Mr Koh Siak Peng
 2016 NIE Caring Teacher Award NIEMrs Rachel Lehming
 2016 NIE Caring Teacher Award NIEMrs Jasmine Wong
 2015 CTSS Caring Teacher Award CTSSMrs Rachel Lehming 
 2015 Excellence Service Award (EXSA) SPRINGMrs Jasmine Wong