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Subject Based Banding

Our school was one of the Phase 1 schools which started offering Subject-Based Banding (SBB) in 2017. With SBB, N(A) and N(T) students are given the opportunities to offer subjects at a higher-level from the start of Secondary One – previously, they could only start doing so from Secondary Three. This allows students to build a stronger foundation in subjects that they are good at, nurture their strengths and give them more opportunities throughout their educational journey, so that they are more engaged in learning.


Eligibility Criteria for SBB

Secondary One N(A) and N(T) students who meet the following criteria based on their PSLE results are eligible for SBB:



PSLE Standard Grade

PSLE Foundation Grade

Option to offer subject at


A*, A




A*, A



B, C




Each student should take no more than 3 higher-level subjects so as to ensure that he/she can cope with the overall academic demands.


Other Opportunities to Participate in SBB

For students who did not meet the eligibility criteria for SBB at the start of Secondary One, they can still be considered for SBB if they do well in their learning in Secondary One. These students will join SBB at the end of Secondary One Term 2 or Secondary One Term 4 as the mid-year or end-year SBB inserts.

Our school will provide support through bridging programmes for these new SBB students.


Positive Feedback from Our SBB Students

SBB students in our schools have enjoyed the experience of taking subjects at a higher-level. Below are what some of them have shared with us in our end-year survey: