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Teaching & Learning Framework: ALIVE@CTSS

Teaching and learning in CTSS is anchored by the “ALIVE@CTSS” framework, which emphasises the 3Rs of Relevance, Rigour, and Relationship. This framework seeks to ensure that students are aware of the relevance of what they are learning, so as to help them to be intrinsically motivated and self-directed, and highlights the importance of deep learning. All learning is also set within the context of a strong teacher-student relationship, and supportive peer relations. In order to support the development of strong teacher-student relationships, the school sets aside time in the curriculum for weekly one-to-one teacher-student interactions. Under this T&L framework, students are also segmentised into the core, support, and talent group, so that their specific needs can be met. The T&F framework is shown in Figure 1 below.

TNL Framework.png

Subject Based Banding

Starting from 2016, Secondary One students entering CTSS may opt for higher-level subjects if they meet the MOE qualifying criteria based on their PSLE results. For instance, students who are in the Normal Academic stream are able to offer English, Mother Tongue, Mathematics or Science at an Express level. This ensures that we are able to develop each student to his/her fullest potential, based on the strengths that they have.