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Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) @ Clementi Town Secondary School, Student Leadership through the Uniformed Groups (UGs), aims at developing in every Clementeen 21st century skills and competencies aligned to the School ASPIRE Values of Adaptability, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect and Empathy. 

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Clementeens are imbued with the passion to learn, confidence to lead and humility to serve through the various school camps and other school experiences. They are  acquire specific UG traits, skills and values in the leadership development programme.

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All lower secondary students receive broad-based leadership development anchored in the Highly Effective Youth (HEY) programme. Clementeens are groomed into team and organisational leaders with specialised training designed to nurture servant leaders. Social Responsibility and Active Citizenry are heightened as students contribute meaningfully to the school, local and global communities. CTSS Student Leadership through UGs Niche Programme focuses on nurturing Clementeens into leaders and youths of distinction who are ready to face challenges of the 21st century.