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The CT Musical journey began in 2009, with the Literature class’ wish to present on stage the text they had felt strongly for, To Kill a Mockingbird. The ground-up production saw the devotion of both alumni and then-current students, and the show was staged in the school hall after four months of preparation. The journey had taught the students strong lessons of empathy, respect and love, and reinforced the school values of adaptability and self-discipline. Recognising the power of drama to train the soft skills and adversity quotient required to help our students navigate their way about the VUCA world and having witnessed the strong bonds built between alumni and current students with the production, the school began the CT musical tradition, and we have put up five musicals that are open to all students to audition, since our first. 

CT Musicals are 'home-grown' productions that continue to emphasise on the values of empathy, respect and love. They speak of the efforts of students and teachers (script, directing, song arrangement, choreography, set and props design) and alumni (acting, dance choreography, song-writing). Students take on various leadership roles such as Stage Manager, Production Manager, Wardrobe Mistress and Dance Choreographer, and are taught humility and respect, as they see how each person, cast or crew, is crucial to the show. Since 2012, the performance is put up in June, and the students undergo a six-month preparation for the final show. The students learn how to manage situations and learn to improvise, learn to look out for one another, and develop a strong sense of responsibility and belonging. 

Our upcoming production is All Of Her Yesterdays, our seventh musical.


To Kill a Mockingbird

School Hall


Kopi Shop Rock!

Nanyang Girls’ High Auditorium


A ‘West Side’ Story

ACJC Centre for Performing Arts


Dear You

University Cultural Centre (NUS)


What Would I Give

Victoria Theatre


Where Did You Go?

University Cultural Centre (NUS)

TBC All Of Her Yesterdays TBC