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NT REAL Curriculum

With the aim to become a vibrant community of learners that values every individual and nurtures the spirit of excellence, CTSS came up with the REAL Curriculum framework in 2007 to develop in every NT student the passion to learn, the confidence to lead and the humility to serve.

And in 2013, to keep up with the changes in the ever-evolving educational landscape, CTSS  has done a major A&R of the REAL Curriculum.

In 2014, as part of the follow-up action of the review, CTSS revamped the REAL Curriculum framework so that it is aligned to the school's T&L Framework.

In 2015, the school implemented the enhanced REAL Curriculum.


NT POWER Concert

Over the years, the school has found out that juvenile delinquency among NT students is often attributed to several factors, for example, they have too much unsupervised free time and are not engaged in meaningful activities as well as they are not able to achieve in school academically and consequently they seek a sense of achievement through negative behaviours.

Since 2008, the school has organised the NT POWER Concert for the NT students and it has proven effective in minimising the juvenile delinquency of the NT students.

With the NT POWER Concert, the school has seen a greater sense of partnership and collaboration between the school, the parents and the community as well as an improvement in the TSR in the NT classes.

The NT POWER concert gives NT students the chance to exercise leadership, build skills, and get involved. The self-confidence, trust and practical knowledge that NT students gain from these opportunities help them become healthy, happy, functioning and self-sufficient students in the school.

This fulfils the CTSS mission for the NT students which is "Our NT students would have greater engagement and enjoyment in their learning and when they graduate from CTSS, they would have a clear sense of direction of what they want to do beyond the ITE education."