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Project Work


Rationale for Project Work

The world our students live in is a dynamic one in which they must continually keep abreast with changes and new developments. In the 21st century, globalization, changing demographics and technological advancements are some of the key driving forces. Students should be equipped to face these challenges and seize them when these opportunities are presented. An important attribute students must develop is the versatility to transfer ideas from one context to another and make creative connections between them. The continual self-examination of their own performance is also important if they are to attain high standards in their respective fields. Increasingly, students are also expected to collaborate with their peers and communicate their ideas effectively to achieve a common objective.


We want our students to strive for sustained academic excellence through the:

  1. deepening of our students' understanding, appreciation and love for all subjects, 
  2. acquisition of skills that will prepare our students for the future. 
  • Collaborate Creative
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communicate 

These two main objectives are based on two key principles of CTSS:

  1. We value every individual and want to help each individual develop diverse talents. 
  2. We want to provide our students with unique learning experiences that will serve to brand CTSS for the future. 

PW@CTSS Modules will provide students with the necessary SKILLS in


Critical & Creative Thinking

Clementeens will be developed in critical and creative thinking. They will be empowered with the tools for critical & creative thinking.

Key Features
  • Creative Thinking 
- Creative Problem Solving Tools

  • Critical Thinking 
- Paul's Wheel of Reasoning 
- Adopting Visible Thinking Routines as Strategies


Clementeens will acquire collaborative skills through working in a team to achieve common goals.

Key Features
  • Team Role Profiling
  • Group Roles and Norms
  • Planning a project timeline
  • ICT Skills and Collaborative Platforms and Tools to aid in Collaboration during Project Work
  • Interview session to assess Collaboration 


Clementeens will acquire the skills to communication effectively and present ideas clearly and coherently to a specific audience in an oral form.

Key Features
  • Provide learners with opportunities to practice how to present their findings effectively in written form as well as orally with an intended audience and purpose in mind.
  • Students practice active listening and learn to present ideas clearly to group mates and their class.
  • Following an oral presentation, there will be a Q&A session to help students become more confident speakers.